Top 10 Natural Disasters in the World

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Top 10 natural disasters in the world – list of deadliest natural disasters ever happened will adding your insight and knowledge. So horrible when you see the pictures about natural disaster, plus also see the list of top 10 natural disasters in the world that very deadliest and very worst with so many death toll. However, natural disaster can be caused by nature or by ourselves.

Top 10 Natural Disasters

natural disasters

Top 10 natural disasters ever, could become history for us. We can study the causes of the disaster whether pure by nature, or by human hands. Eg floods, can be causes by human hands that littering. Stop littering and put the garbage in the trash bin. So we reduce the risk of flood. The other example is forest fires/wildfires, can also causes by human hands. But the disaster that caused pure by nature can’t be prevented, we can only pray to god. The following is natural disaster by Geologycal Disasters, Hydrogical Disasters, Meteorological Disasters, Health Disasters, and Space Disasters.

avalancehes and mudslidesAvalanches and Mudslides



volcanic eruptionsVolcanic Eruptions


limnic eruptionsLimnic Eruptions



cyclonic stormsCyclonic Storms

tropical stormsTropical Storms

extratropical stormsExtratropical Cyclones



heat wavesHeat Waves




impact events and airburstImpact Events and Airburst

solar flareSolar Flare

How do you thing about that pictures? Afraid, fearful, scared, or the other bad feelings. However, that is the natural disaster that can be happen anywhere and anytime, and also it can fall on anyone. And here we are the list of ten worst natural disasters in the world of all time.

  1. China Floods
    Date : July, August, 1931
    Location : China
    Death Toll (estimate) : 1,000,000-4,000,000
  2. Yellow River Flood
    Date : September, October, 1887
    Location : China
    Death Toll (estimate) : 900,000-2,000,000
  3. Shaanxi Earthquake
    Date : January 23, 1556
    Location : China
    Death Toll (estimate) : 830,000
  4. Tangshan Earthquake
    Date : July 28, 1976
    Location : China
    Death Toll (estimate) : 450,000 (242,000-655,000)
  5. Bhola Cyclone
    Date : November 13, 1970
    Location : East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)
    Death Toll (estimate) : 375,000 (250,000-500,000)
  6. India Cyclone
    DateĀ : November 25, 1939
    Location : India
    Death Toll (estimate) : 300,000
  7. Calcutta Cyclone
    Date : October 7, 1737
    Location : India
    Death Toll (estimate) : 300,000
  8. Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
    Date : December 26, 2004
    Location : Indian Ocean
    Death Toll (estimate) : 280,000
  9. Haiyuan Earthquake
    Date : December 16, 1920
    Location : China
    Death Toll (estimate) : 273,400
  10. Antioch Earthquake
    Date : May 526
    Location : Byzantine Empire (now Turkey)
    Death Toll (estimate) : 250,000-300,000

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters in the world was very fearly, even less the top 10 worst natural disaster of list above. Hopefully this earth better than ever and far from any kind of natural disaster. I hope you take a lesson from this article, and be better to keep the earth so far from natural disaster that caused by human. We must prevent the occurrence of natural disasters such as top 10 natural disasters in the world above.

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