Top 10 Scariest Places on Earth

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Top 10 scariest places on earth – this is creepiest places on earth article. Many people said this is the most haunted places in the world. The scariest places in the world on this planet is quite a lot. But the most scary and creepy places on earth have been reviewed in this post. We made it to top 10 scariest places on earth gallery where the gallery is contains of photos and descriptions. Do not read this article if you are a coward.

Scariest Places on Earth

scariest places on earth

Scariest places on earth at this article will provide a new insight for you, which is stressful enought to read. If you are a traveller and have courage, go to this places and you will get a new challenging experience. But I don’t suggest you for go to this places because I also never go to that scariest places. It all depires on your own desires. This is the scariest and creepiest places in the world, chek this out.

  1. Aokigahara Forest
    aokigahara forestIf the normally of cool and lush forests it gives beautiful natural charm, different case with this one. This forest becomes a must for someone who wants to commit suicide. Located in Japan and became a popular place for commit suicide.
  2. Shades of Death Road
    shades of death roadPerhaps, this is the most sinister road in AmericaShades of Death Road is surrounded by dense forests on the right and left. No one knows why the road was named as such. It was said that this road is haunted. According to legend, in the 1920s and 1930s there was a brutal murder occurred around the streets, and the body was abandoned on the roadside. Other legends tell about the ghost of a little girl aged 9 years roaming along the road at night.
  3. Helltown
    helltownHelltown is a town located in the Boston, Ohio, United States. The local government plans to turn the city into a national park, but in fact until now the US government has until now not to continue the program of national parks development. Many horror stories in this abandoned town, is sightings in the cemetery, Boston Mills ghost bridge, a road called “the end of the world”, the ghost of hearse, and the haunted house former human slaughterhouse.
  4. Poveglia Island
    poveglia islandA shrouded island in Italy. There are you will find a lot of skull and human bones. There are also boats that got stuck in a pile of skull and bones. It is rumored that the island is a dumping ground the victims of epidemic.
  5. Lome Bazaar
    lome bazaarIn Togo, Africa, there is a market that provides knickknacks for practicing the black magic. This is a most creepy market in the world. There are many animals in freshly killed, skeletons or skulls, and a variety of animals.
  6. Willard Asylum
    willard asylumFormer psychiatric hospital which has more than 4000 patients was located in New York. Since the establishment of the psychiatric hospital, Willard Asylum has seen more than 50 000 deaths. Still not clear why this psychiatric hospital was closed, but this is the one of scary place in the world.
  7. Eastern State Penitentiary
    eastern state penitentiaryThis place is a prison with Pennsylvania system, all the prisoners were left to die in solitude and in dreadful conditions. This system was introduced in 1829, in Eastern State Penitentiary, US. Absolutely make this place become scary.
  8. Craco
    cracoIn 1963, human life in the Craco Village, Italy was disappeared. All the inhabitants of this village moved simultaneously leaving Craco. Somehow that was happened, no one is likely to want to go back to the village thus making this place become scary.
  9. Edinburgh Castle
    edinburgh castleIf you’re there, do not be surprised if suddenly the temperature in the room became very cold. There is also a pile of human bones and skulls in this castle. Lots of sightings that occurred there. If you have a courage, please visit the castle that is located in the Scotland.
  10. The Island of The Dolls
    the island of the dollsThe island that is located in South of Mexico, have a lot of dolls hanging in a tree. According to the visitors on this island, visible that the dolls can move the arms, legs, and head by itself. Them even also whisper to another dolls. It still a mystery what happened on the island.

Scariest Places on Earth

Scariest places on earth seems to be one thing of interest for some people. Not a few were curious and wanted to visit the places that the most scariest in the world above. Please visit if you have a large enough courage to prove the truth of scary stories that reviewed above. Thank you very much for visiting this site and read the article about scariest places on earth.

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