Lowest Temperature on Earth

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Lowest temperature on earthColdest places on earth top 10 list is review in here. See the lowest temperature in the world that can makes you think many times to visit the place. Where the place is so cold and could be killed because the temperature is so terrible cold. Furthermore if visiting the coldest place on earth without clothes thick that can withstand the cold, you may not want to go there. On this occasion I will give a review of lowest temperature on earth list. May be useful to you.

Lowest Temperature on Earth

lowest temperature on earth

Lowest temperature on earth on this list will make you wonder that saw temperatures so low. Certainly not many creatures that can survive in very low temperatures, because of exceptional cold could kill anything. Are you looking for unique information about the coldest places on earth? Here is the places with lowest temperature on earth top 10 list.

10. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

ulaanbaatar mongolia

One part of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar become a cold regions by citizens more of 1.267 million people. The place is located 1,310 meters above sea lever. Even so, this place is home for the Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum. The temperature reaches 14 °F or -10 °C.

9. Stanley, Idaho, USA

stanley idaho usa

In 1999, Stanley temperatures reached -32 °F or -35 °C. There are no spaces to be stagnant water, everything freezes. Animals are reluctant to occupy this place, but there are about 63 small population lives here.

8. Rogers Pass, Montana, USA

rogers pass montana usa

Rogers Pass at an altitude of 5.610 meters above the water surface. In this area where the temperature tends to fluctuate throughout the year, but in most cases it is very cold. The temperature ever reached -53.5 °F or -47 °C.

7. Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA

prospect creek alaska usa

In 1974-1977, Prospect Creek inhabited by thousands of workers in the project “Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System“. Once finished they leave this place and now become a cold place without population. The temperature reached -80 °F or -62 °C on January 23, 1971.

6. Snag, Yukon, Canada

snag yukon canada

On February 3, 1947, the temperature in Snag reached -81.4 °F or -63 °C. At these low temperatures there were still 15 people. This place also often be one of the targets for the adventures people who love to be a challenge against fierce climate.

5. Eismitte, Greenland

eismitte greenland

Temperature in Eismitte often reached -85 °F or -64 °C. Therefore, it’s certain the area is listed in the coldest place on earth. If staying here the blood could freeze. Because of it, no one museum or settlement here.

4. North Ice, Greenland

north ice greenland

Still in Greenland, North Ice has a cold temperature reaching -87 °F or -66 °C. The place is often a destination for couples who want to honeymoon.

3. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon russia

Russia is one of the countries that we remember when talking about the cold weather. In the area of Oymyakon for the example, in this place ever recorded temperatures reached -90 °F or -67 °C. No wonder the inhabitants here only about 470 people.

2. Eureka, Canada

eureka canada

Eureka become a place that so cold in Canada with temperatures reaching -1.8 °F or -80 °C in October to February, because there was no sunshine in this place. This place could be a weather station until 1947.

1. Vostok, Antarctic

vostok antarctika

Hearing the Antarctic sure you already imagine it cold places. The coldest place in the world is Vostok, has ever made a recorded temperature by reaching -128.6 °F or -88 °C. Because of the cold, no residents who accupied the region. This place become the coldest place on earth.

Lowest Temperature on Earth

Lowest temperature on earth on list above sure make you very stunned by the cold. What do you think about the lowest temperature places above? Cold is dangerous thing and can make us do not breathe anymore. But for some people the cold is a challenge. So there are also people who wants to test his courage by visiting the coldest places in the world which reached the lowest temperature in the world. Thank you for reading about the lowest temperature on earth article.

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