How to Make Chocolate at Home

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How to make chocolate at home – everyone must know chocolate, but not everyone known homemade chocolate recipe. On this occasion, will share about how to make chocolate at home that certainly very useful for you chocolate lovers. Not only women, men are also not a few who love chocolate. This sweet meals is is preferred by many people especially for children and women. And you can take a lesson of chocolate recipe on this post. So follow this article until the end.

How to Make Chocolate at Home

how to make chocolate at home

How to make chocolate at home is very simple, not difficult, and you must be able to make it. If you usually consume chocolate with buy in stores, now is time to make your chocolate by yourself. Homemade chocolate recipe in this post is how to make chocolate praline, where this chocolate has a unique shape in accordance with your own wishes. Use the chocolate molds in accordance with your wishes for the manufacture of chocolate is completed successfully. Here we are the homemade chocolate.

Ingredients :

  • Dark chocolate low fat
  • Food coloring
  • Mold for chocolate

How to make chocolate :

  1. Pieces the dark chocolate into several smaller pieces. The goal is to facilitate the process of melting the chocolate.
  2. Melted the chocolate become liquid evenly. You can using a way with place it into the steel bowl over boiling water. As much as possible so that the chocolate should not be ecposed to water.
  3. Next step is add food coloring to enchance the appearance of the chocolate (no need to add food coloring is fine) the stir slowly until the color turns more beautiful look.
  4. After that, pour the chocolate into mold for chocolate, then refrigerate into the freezer to dry evenly.
  5. Just wait until a few hours to perfectly dry and can be creation made by adding a sprinkling of sesame or peanut that smoothed before.
  6. Finally the homemade chocolate is ready to serve and enjoy.

How to Make Chocolate at Home

How to make chocolate at home is very easy and simple, isn’t it? Create your chocolate with shape and colors that suit by your taste. Then sprinkle with sesame, peanut, or others additives. Serve in an attractive container and also unique look. Enjoy the chocolate alone or can be shared with family and friends. Well, what are you waiting for? Just try to make it with how to make chocolate at home.

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