Easy Burger Recipes

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Easy burger recipeshow to make hamburgers is one way of making easy burger, but also the most well known and liked by people than any other burger. On this occasion I will shared to you who want to know about easy burger recipes, this is the article about how to make hamburgers. When this American Food has been famous all over the world and many people like it.

Easy Burger Recipes

easy burger recipes

Easy burger recipes or how to make hamburgers I post here for you guys who want to try to make it by yourself. As we all know that the burgers are very many kinds, such as hamburger, cheeseburger, chickenburger, steakburger, riceburger, and veggieburger. But in this post I will give you the most liked and certainly not too difficult to make it, that is hamburger recipes. There may be other kinds of burgers that are easier to make, but hamburger is a kind of burger with the most likes by people of the world. Here is how to make hamburgers.

Ingredients :

  • 100 grams of ground beef
  • A tablespoon of bread crumbs
  • 3 pieces of bread burger
  • An egg
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • One-eighth teaspoon of pepper powder
  • A cucumber, thinly sliced round
  • Half a teaspoon of star anise powder
  • Quarter of onion, chopped, sauteed
  • 3 pieces of lettuce
  • 3 pieces of cheese
  • Cooking oil
  • Margarine
  • Tomato sauce

How to make Hamburgers :

  1. To ensure a burger that you will enjoyed be healthy and clean, you better cook the beef by yourself as stuffing. First, you have to mix the ground beef, egg, salt, pepper powder, star anise powder, saute onion, and bread crumbs. Knead and shape into a circle and then fried in hot oil.
  2. After being cooked, set aside for a while.
  3. Prepare the margarine, baked inside of bread (top bread) that you will use for keep contents of burger.
  4. If the bread and meat burger have been ready, now is time to prepare healthy burger. Arange with composition as bread, lettuce, meat burger, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and tomato sauce, then cover with bread again (which was baked on point no 3).
  5. Serve the hamburgers and enjoy.

Easy Burger Recipes

Easy burger recipes on the point no 4, you can arange according to taste if you do not like that arangement. Well, so easy right? Better make hamburgers by yourself at home than having to buy into the restauran, with that you can be more efficient and certainly got the knowledge about easy burger recipes.

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