Chicken Nuggets Recipe

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Chicken Nuggets recipeHow to make chicken nuggets at home, is very easy. How to make nuggets with the main ingredient is chicken, is the most preferred by many people in the world. So this site will give you a chicken nuggets recipe homemade that everyone can make it with simple easy. To take the recipe how to make chicken nuggets, follow the article until the end.

Chicken Nuggets Recipe

chicken nuggets recipe

Chicken nuggets recipe was a recipe that known by everyone who like the fast foods. If you usually bought chicken nuggets at market and you just had to cooking the nuggets, in here you will take a new lesson for how to make chicken nuggets. Try to make it by yourself, this is not difficult and I believe everyone can make it. Here we are, the chicken nuggets recipe and how to make it.

Ingredients of chicken nuggets :

  • 500 grams of minced chicken
  • Two eggs
  • Two white bread (waste edges)
  • 150 ml of fresh milk
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • A teaspoon of sugar
  • A teaspoon of pepper
  • 150 grams of chopped onion
  • Two tablespoon of sauce
  • and oil for frying

How to make chicken nuggets :

  1. Mix white bread and fresh milk into a container, stir it until the bread is crumble.
  2. Enter the minced chicken into container, stir again until blended.
  3. Also enter the chopped onion, salt, sugar, pepper, and egg into the container, stir again until well blended.
  4. Then, puor the dough into the baking pan that has been smeared by margarine and covered by a crust of breal also.
  5. Next, steamed the dough for half an hour (more or less) until well cooked.
  6. After well cooked, mold the dough to the size and shape are desired.
  7. After that, dip in beaten egg, then scroll in bread crumbs until the entire of surface is covered evenly flat.
  8. Keep its into any container, then place in the freezer for two hours (more or less).
  9. After two hours in the freezer, let sit for a moment.
  10. Last step is frying the nugget until cooked and causing the golden yellow color.
  11. Finnaly remove and fry it, nuggets ready to be served.

Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Chicken nuggets recipe above so simple and easy to understand and practice, isn’t it? Try and try if you failed, but I trust that you can make it so perfect with a good taste and very delicious. Many kind of the meals like chicken nuggets, and you can take some interesting recipe in this blog. Create the different at the kind of food to make your family more happy. In the end of the sentence I will say thank you for reading chicken nuggets recipe.

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