Biggest Rock in the World

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Biggest rock in the world is Uluru Rock, also known as Ayers Rock. This is a large sandstone rock formations in the National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta. Location at more less 335 km (208 mi) southwest of the nearest large town, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Curious about the fact of the biggest rock in the world, read this article until the end to get that unique information.

Biggest Rock in the World

biggest rock in the world

Biggest rock in the world is a sacred object for the Aboriginal with many springs, caves, and primitive paintings. The explorer Ernest Giles became the first foreigner to see this rock in October 1872, but couldn’t come because hindered by Lake Amadeus and simply refer to it as “the remarkable pebble“. In july 1973, the surveyor William Gosse visited this rock and named it as Ayers Rock, in honor of the Chief Secretary of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers. In 1993, the policy adopted dual name so that on December 15, 1993, renamed to Ayers Rock / Uluru. And on November 6, 2002 it name reversed to Uluru / Ayers Rock at the request of the Regional Tourism Association in Alice Springs. This is the photos gallery of Uluru / Ayers Rock.


ayers rock at night


ayers rock pictures


ayers rock


biggest rock


uluru ayers rock


uluru rock at night


uluru rock pictures


uluru rock sunrise


uluru rock sunset


uluru rock


Biggest Rock in the World

Biggest rock in the world (Uluru / Ayers Rock) is one of Australia’s natural icons of the most famous. World-famous of sandstone formations which stand 348 m (1,142 ft) high (863 m / 2831 ft above sea level) with most of the mass is in the basement, and a circumference of 9.4 km (5.8 mi). Thank you for reading the uluru facts and all about the biggest rock in the world.

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