Best Things to Do in Tokyo

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Best things to do in Tokyo Japan – This article contains a summary of the places to visit in Tokyo, complete with pictures and descriptions of each places. See the best Tokyo attractions and also the other places that very popular to visit. In this best things to do in Tokyo article you can make a plan for vacation in Tokyo city. Don’t missing all of this places if you’re in Tokyo city. It will difinitely make your holiday satisfied and memorable.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo

best things to do in tokyo

Best things to do in Tokyo, Japan consists of 18 places. Where the places is the best places to invite. Very interested and very satisfying for all tourists and traveller. Where Tokyo city is Japan’s bustling capital which famous and ethused a lot of traveller to fill the holiday. Well, if you the one who interesting to this city, you must see this list of best places to visit in Tokyo, check it out.

Shibuya Crossing & Shibuya District

shibuya crossing

Want to know the most popular intersection in Tokyo? Just come to Shibuya Crossing. Don’t forget to explore the Shibuya District after, and the fashionistas obligatory stop and stay at the Shibuya 109 which popular as a center of fashion trends in Shibuya.

Tokyo Tower

tokyo tower

The tower similar with Eifel tower is indeed no longer be the tallest tower in Tokyo, but this place is still regarded as one of the symbols of Tokyo. So visit this place (Tokyo Tower), it feels incomplete if you does not go to here if you’re in Tokyo.

Tokyo Skytree

tokyo skytree

It is a new symbol of the Tokyo city. Do you want to see Tokyo city from a height of 350 meters and 450 meters? Just go to Tokyo Skytree (the tallest tower in Japan) and see the view of Tokyo city, you can take a good spot in here.


harajuku tokyo

The Japanes pop culture lovers shall visit Takeshita Dori at Harajuku. In here, there are many fashion shops, cafes, and also a 100 yen shop that offers a cheap alternative souvenirs. And if you come on Sunday, don’t forget to stop and stay at Yoyogi Park to enjoy a variety of live performances in the park.

Meiji Jingu

meiji jingu

The Temple that dedicated to Emperor Meiki and his queen is interesting to visit because the location is close proximity to Harajuku. In addition, this temple is very spacious and surrounded by a beautiful garden.



This artificial island has many places of interest to visit, such as shopping centers, Tokyo Big Sight, and also a statue of Gundam scale of 1:1. One way to access it is via the Rainbow Bridge which also a popular as a symbol of Tokyo city.



Do you like electronic product? Claiming yourself as an otaku? Akihabara became one of the places no to be missed. The electronics district is famous as a paradise otaku in in Tokyo.

Ueno Park

ueno park

This super-sized garden area has a lot of facilities, including one is Ueno Zoo. The park is also ideal for visit on the fourth season because has varied vegetation.

Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disneysea

tokyo disneyland & tokyo disneysea

It is indeed outside of Tokyo, but was still included in the Greater Tokyo area. There are many things that make Tokyo Diseneyland & Tokyo Disneysea interesting to visit.

Tokyo Imperial Palace & Imperial Palace East Garden

tokyo imperial palace & imperial palace east garden

The official residence of the Japanese Emperor and his family is indeed closed to public. But the visitors can still stroll outside area, it’s free of charge during the official tour that organized by The Imperial Household Agency. Don’t forget to get arround well at the Imperial Palace East Garden that also free accessible.

Tsukiji Fish Market

tsukiji fish market

Do you want to see the biggest wholesale fish center in the world? Just come to the Tsukiji Fish Market and also don’t miss the tuna auction.

Sensoji Temple

sensoji temple

One of the oldest temples (has been renovated after destroyed in World War II) which must be visited while in Tokyo city. Sensoji Temple is the host to some exciting fetivals, on of which is the Sanja Matsuri. While visiting this temple, don’t forget to shop well in Nakamise Shooping Street.

Edo Tokyo Museum & Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

edo tokyo museum

Don’t confused to studied Japanese history, just come to Edo Tokyo Museum which has a variety of interesting diorama. Or if you want to see the houses in Edo and Meiji periods, there is no best place to visit than Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.

Ghibli Museum

ghibli museum

Do you like with the animation of Studio Ghibli? Then obliged to visit the Ghibli Museum. But you must but the ticket several months in advance, because the tickets are not sold on the spot.

Yasukuni Shrine

yasukuni shrine

This is the most controversial shrine in Tokyo. Yasokuni Shrine was established to honor the victims of World War II, including war criminals.



Curious about the nightlife in Tokyo? Just stop by the Kabukicho, red light district located in Shinjuku. In here, there are many host and hostess club. But for foreign tourists, please be extra careful and do not arbitrarily go into the club.

Tokyo Dome City

tokyo dome city

Besides popular as a concert venue, Tokyo Dome City has a range of exciting entertainment. Want to try one of the scariest roller coaster in Tokyo? Just come in and try to direct the Thunder Dolphin in Tokyo Dome City.

Tokyo Water Bus

tokyo water bus

It’s not completed if was just exploring Tokyo by land or viewed from a height. Try to walk up the Tokyo Water Bus and down the famous rivers in Tokyo. Some of these packages even offer lunch and dinner can that can be enjoyed in the ship.

Best Things to Do in Tokyo

Best things to do in Tokyo of the list above is taken from various sources that discuss about the tour to tokyo. Are you interesting to Tokyo city? If you want to take a vacations in that city, you must make a plane so vacation to tokyo would be more meaningful if you choose the places according to your desire. In the end of the word I am as manager on this blog just want to say thank you for reading the best things to do in Tokyo.

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