Best Things to Do in Paris

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Best things to do in Paris France is a lot, but in this post you will see the list of popular places to visit in Paris. See the Paris attractions list also include in this post, will certainly facilitate plans for your holiday in the French capital city. Because the best things to do in Paris at this article is the result of variety sources that review popular places in Paris that must be visited if you’re in Paris.

Best Things to Do in Paris

best things to do in paris

Best things to do in Paris on this list are ten places, where the places is the best and favorite by everyone who are in Paris. Don’s missing this places if you’re in Paris, because this ten places is the destination for travelers around the world. Prepare the plans for vacation in Paris by choosing the best things to do in Paris below. I believe this will be beneficial to you, check this out.

Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel)

eiffel tower

Who doesn’t know the Eiffel Tower or La Tour Eiffel, this most popular tower in Paris has become an icon for Paris city. The tower is already famous in the world and became a destination for each tourists. If you visiting here, it will not taste fun if does not rise to the top of the tower and see the panoramic view of Paris city. But it would be more impressive if it goes up to the top of Eiffel Tower at night.

Arc de Triomphe

arc de triomphe

Arc de Triomphe or Victory Gate is a monument in the middle of the Place de l’Etoile. This building is one of the most popular monuments in Paris. The arch-shaped building is located on the roundabout Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs-Elysees, Paris, France.

Louvre Museum (Musee du Louvre)

louvre museum

Louvre Museum or Musee du Louvre is a former French royal palace that is now a famous museum in Paris and also one of the largest museums in the world. Each year the museum is visited by more than 8 million people. That are excellent in this museum is painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci that has become an icon for this museum. In this museum also you can see the Louvre Pyramid and the Inverted Pyramid.



Saint-Malo is a town in France, specifically in the province of Brittany on the English Channel. Although it is not Paris, but you must visit this place if you’re in Paris, because there is a wide beach to visit. In addition, you must visit the Grande Porte, Porte St-Vincent, the castle town with the Musee de la Ville and the Grand Aquarium.

Notre Dame Cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris)

notre dame cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral or Notre Dame de Paris is the most famous church and also one of the famous tourist spots in Paris. This church is a 12th-century building in Paris that is regarded as the finest example of French Gothic architecture style. This church is also one of the most popular churches in the country of France. You can also go to the top of its to see the view of Paris city.


pantheon paris

Pantheon in Paris is a former church building that is now converted into a mausoleum or cemetery building which contain the remains of the leading figures in France. Pantheon fit to travel while studying history and visit the tomb of the leading figures. Sign in to this building will provide a quiet atmosphere and give the impression for you.

Popular Cafe In Paris

popular cafe in paris

One thing that can’t be separated from Paris city is cafe. In here, the cafe is not just a lifestyle, but has become a curtural center for the citizens of Paris. In Paris city, you will find lots of rows cafe on a side street and almost all of this cafe has a classic design typical French to refresh your eyes. Less complete if you don’t visit any of the cafe here.

Place de la Concorde

place de la concorde

Place de la Concorde is the town square octagonal, which is between the Tuleries Gardens and the Champs Elysees, Paris, France. This town square has many features and ornaments like obeliks, fountains, statues, and artistic lampposts.

Love Bridge Paris (pont de l’archeveche)

love bridge paris

Padlock of love in Paris is very well known is in the Arts Bridge and Archeveche Bridge. This love padlocks dependently by couples in love, with the goal of keeping them love will eternal love. In each padlocks attached, we can see the names are written. It is very unique entrust the longevity of a loving relationship through the padlock, but this place is famous throughout the world.

River Seine Boat Cruise

river seine boat cruise

Some of the ships in the Rive Seine turns the offer dishes menu system day and night. The price is expensive, but you will not regret it. If daytime, the lunch menu less while enjoying a tour of Paris in the ship. And in the night time, the dinner menu is more expensive. But you can get a total romance. Dinner while sailing by moonlight reflected off the surface of the river Seine, and the lights are there to make dektor of Paris adds to the atmosphere of the dinner to be perfect.

Best Things to Do in Paris

Best things to do in Paris that you know added with the best things to do in Paris above will make the holiday more exciting, fun, and meaningful. But I am sure that the places to visit in Paris which you know most of them are as summary above. So, do you interested to take a vacation in Paris? What are you waiting for? Immediately make plans by see the summaries of the best things to do in Paris.

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