Best Comedians of All Time

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Best comedians of all time – the funniest comedians and most famous comedians ever in the world is review in this article. See the list of best comedians ever in this post, you must know some comedians of this list. Where the best comedians of all time in this list is famous in the world and has successfully entertain a lot of people in the world. Don’t miss this unique information for your knowledge.

Best Comedians of All Time

best comedians of all time

Best comedians of all time on the article is very interesting to read. The most famous people who have entertained us is very important to be remember. Imagine the world is no comedians like them, surely life fell bored because of the seriousness. With comedians make life more relaxed and neutralize the seriusness so furthest from stress. Here we are the best and most famous comedians in the world of all time.

Charlie Chaplin

charlie chaplin

Name : Charles Spencer Chaplin
Born : April 16, 1889 (London, England) (unverified)
Died : December 25, 1977 (aged 88) (Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland)
Years Active : 1899-1976

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)

rowan atkinson mr bean

Birth Name : Rowan Sebastian Atkinson
Born : January 6, 1955 (Consett, Country Dunham, England)
Years Active : 1978-present

Eddie Murphy

eddie murphy

Birth Name : Edward Regan Murphy
Born : April 3, 1961 (Brooklyn, New York, U.S)
Years Active : 1980-present

Jimmy Tarbuck

jimmy tarbuck

Name : James Joseph Tarbuck
Born : February 6, 1940 (Liverpool, Lanchashire, England, UK)
Years Active : 1964-

Bill Cosby

bill cosby

Name : William Henry Cosby, Jr.
Born : July 12, 1937 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.)
Years Active : 1961-2015

Rodney Dangerfield

rodney dangerfield

Name : Jacob Rodney Cohen
Born : November 22, 1921 (Deer Park, New York, U.S)
Died : October 5, 2004 (aged 82) (Westwood, Los Angeles, California, U.S)
Years Active : 1940-1949, 1962-2004

Robin Williams

robin williams

Name : Robin McLaurin Williams
Born : July 21, 1951 (Chicago, Ilinois, U.S.)
Died : August 11, 2014 (aged 63) (Paradise Cay, California, U.S.)
Years Active : 1976-2014

Lenny Bruce

lenny bruce

Birth Name : Leonard Alfred Schneider
Born : October 13, 1925 (Mineola, New York, United States)
Died : August 3, 1966 (aged 40) (Los Angeles, California, U.S.)
Years Active : 1947-1966

Steve Martin

steve martin

Birth Name : Stephen Glenn Martin
Born : August 14, 1945 (Waco, Texas, U.S.)
Years Active : 1967-present

George Carlin

george carlin

Name : George Denis Patrick Carlin
Born : May 12, 1937 (Manhattan, New York, United States)
Died : June 22, 2008 (aged 71) (Santa Monica, California, United States)
Years Active : 1956-2008

Bill Hicks

bill hicks

Birth Name : William Melvin Hicks
Born : December 16, 1961 (Valdosta, Georgia, United States)
Died : February 26, 1994 (aged 32) (Little Rock, Arkansas, United States)
Years Active : 1978-1994

Jim Carrey

jim carrey

Name : James Eugene Carrey
Born : January 17, 1962 (Newmarket, Ontario, Canada)
Years Active : 1980-present

Best Comedians of All Time

Best comedians of all time on gallery above is just the majority of the most famous. Still many other famous and funniest comedians like Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, Bob Hope, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, Bill Murray, Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Connolly, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Dane Cook, Kevin Hart, Joan Rivers, George Burns, Woody Allen, Dave Chappelle, Bob Newhart, Ricky Gervais, Betty White, Lucile Ball, John Cleese, Steve Carell, Eddie Izzard, Dan Aykroyd, Groucho Marx, Roseanne Barr, John Belushi, Denis Leary, Johnny Carson, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, David Cross, Gilda Radner, Jack Benny, Wanda Sykes, Andy Kaufman, Janeane Garofalo, and many others. Do you recognized any of them? If you know all of them, then your life is filled with laughter. Thank you for reading the article about best comedians of all time.

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