Top 10 Best Beaches in the World to Vacation

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Top 10 best beaches in the world to vacation that most interesting to visit. A place that attracted many people during the holidays is beach. Where the beach is a vacation spot that has a natural beauty. In addition, the beach is also a place suitable for sunbathing so that the skin becomes exotic. In this post you will see the best beaches in the world that has an amazing view. So, don’t miss this one unique information.

Best Beaches in the World

best beaches in the world

Best beaches in the world that are here already known by traveller in the world beacuse of its natural charm beautiful. You can take the good photos with a beautiful beach object. If you are the one looking for the best beaches, then you’re on the right blog. Choose the beach that you want to visit in this top 10 best beaches in the world below.

1. Baia do Sancho Beach – Brazil

baia do sancho beach brazil

A grat view on the top with lots of bird and treess. This place is the best for snorkeling also. Will make a unique experience for you.

2. Eagle Beach – Aruba

eagle beach aruba

It has soft white sand, and this place have been rated that the one of the best beach in the world. This beach famous low-rise resort.

3. Flamenco Beach – Caribbean

flamenco beach caribbean

This is a public beach. Located at the Caribbean Island of Culebra. Is perfect for the one whom want to swimming, sport fishing, and diving because shallow turquoise water.

4. Grace Bay – Turks & Caicos

grace bay beach turks & caicos

White sand and trensparent make this place a fantastic beach. The water is so blue like a pond on a calm day. Visit it if you want too see a fantastic beach.

5. Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda

horseshoe bay beach bermuda

This is the most famous beach in Bermuda. The beach tha very popular tourist spot, and it lies on the main island of south coast (Atlantic Ocean).

6. Lopes Mendes Beach – Brazil

lopes mendes beach brazil

Relaxing on the beach all day, lovely beach, and large waves that great for surfing. It is very recommend for you traveller, especially beaches lovers.

7. Playa de Las Catedrales Beach – Spain

playa de las catedrales beach spain

Many rock formation provide variation in this beach. When the tide starts coming in, it’s a bit eerie, but so fantastic and wonderful.

8. Rabbit Beach – Italy

rabbit beach italy

The beach that very perfecr place, gorgeous, and exotic. The locals food also very delicious. Don’t ever missing this place if you a traveller.

9. Rhossili Bay – Wales

rhossili bay beach wales

The locals refer this beach as Llangennith Sands. The sandy beach is 5 km (3 miles) long, and this backed with sand dunes. Interesting to visit it?

10. Whitehaven Beach – Australia

whitehaven beach australia

This beach can accessible by boat. This is a 7 km stretch along Whitesunday Island in Australia. What a wonderful beach.

Best Beaches in the World

Best beaches in the world above obtained from various resources on internet. Many forums that discuss about the places that suitable for family holidays. Well, which beach do you prefer from any given pictures above? Please visit the beaches above to get a real beauty. And don’t miss some other interesting places on this site, certainly the place is so amazing like top 10 best beaches in the world to vacation.

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