10 Mysteries of the World Unsolved and Most Strange

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10 mysteries of the world unsolved and most strange – It’s so creepy and never solved until now. Mysteries of the world that have never been solved is very interesting to read and add knowledge. On this occasion I share mystery of the world because everyone should know the peculiarities that in this earth. This unique information on this article you can share to friend and someone who likes the mysteries of the world.

Mysteries of the World

mysteries of the world

Mysteries of the world is very much, but I’ll share the most creepy and was never solved until now. Besides this creepiest mystery also is the most talked about. Many people wondering about the truth of this mysteries, but it never solved and still mystery. This is 10 mysteries of the world unsolved and very strange.

1. Yeti and Bigfoot

yeti and bigfoot

It says is a monstrous creature hidden form of ape, larger than humans, life in the Himalayas and Tibet. Unlike the case with Bigfoot and Sasquatch that live in the forests in the Pacific Northwest.
Yeti also known as meh-teh, a title used by people in that region, and believe that the Yeti is their history and mythology. Community of observers believe that the Yeti is only a part of the legend. Nevertheless, Yeti remains one of the most mysterious creatures known, and often equated with Bigfoot.
Altough a lot of photos about Bigfoot, but there is no real conclusive evidence of their existence. The expert believe that the Bigfoot is a combination of folklore and falsehood. But, there are also the expert whom believe in its existence.
There is speculation that the Yeti and Bigfoot creatures are the remnants of the dinosaur age that is Gigantopithecus Blacki (Big Ape).

2. Loch Ness Monster

loch ness monster

Many people often see a big monster out of the lake in Loch Ness Lake in Scotland. That monster has such a long neck that was so similar to the shape of dinosaurs that we saw so far.
Some theories statve that these creature living at the bottom of the lake and are direct descendants of dinosaurs are still alive. But there is also theories that these creature is a supernatural monster.

3. Ogopogo


It is a mysterious creature that appears in the Okanagan River, Canada. Many witnesses who succes to photograph these creature. Shape is long neck, big, and has a head like a lizard. But no one is able to catch it. This creature is known as Naikata and now is the mascot of Kelowna park’s, Canada.
Is Ogopogo really exist? Is it true that it is a ancient reptiles that still alive? There is no concrete proven can explain its existence until now.

4. Pyradmid of Giza

pyramid of giza

The Pyramids of Giza were made around 2560 BC. Height of this pyramid is 146 meters. It is made by the arrangement of stone blocks with weigh 5.9 million tons and inside is hollow, shaped hallways and rooms.
There are three large rooms inside the pyramid, two of which are on the top of the pyramid, called Queen’s Chamber and King’s Chamber, and another room is at the bottom. In the rooms was tucked away treasure and other valuables, but unfortunately was looted by many people.
This pyramid construction techniques as well as who looted valuables inside the rooms, until now been a mystery and a matter of experts debate.

5. Stonehenge


Formation of giant rock which located in Salisbury, England, UKThere are various reasons why this is so mysterious stone monuments, among which about how it made and especially for what?
Stones to build Stonehenge weigh up to 4 tons and over again admirable is the stones arranged was from various locations in west Wales, that which has a distance of about 225 km from the location of Stonehenge.
No one knows for sure to what Stonehenge was built and speculation continue circling the purpose. Whatever it until now no one can prove clearly the main purpose of Stonehenge for?

6. Wow Signal

wow signal


Is aliens real? Wow signal seemed to be answer. Jerry R. Ehman was successfull detect narrowband radio signal that very cleary on August 16, 1997. That time he used a giant radio telescope at Ohio State University, which is also the project of ” Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Program”.
According to Ehman, the signal charasteristics indicate that the signal was does not come from within the solar system or a planet. Plus, when it the parabola was perfect works and observed continously for 72 second. Ehman wrote “WOW” in the report because he was so shocked. Unfortunately, the signal never plasticity again and still a mysteri whether that signal sent by aliens?

7. Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

Bermuda Triangle located is in the North Athlantic Ocean where many aircrafts and ships have mysteriously disappeared. Over the year, a lot of explanation about the disappearance of the ships and the airplane or aircraft. There is a mention of bad weather, kidnapped by strange creatures, until various theories in physics.
Although substantial documentation exists to show that many reports have been exaggerated, still no really explanation about mysterious disappearances of ships and aircrafts.

8. The Lost City Of Atlantis

the lost city of atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis is still being debated and a mystery. The story of Atlantis itself stems from the book by Plato who said that there was a civilization and a city with high tech in ancient times. However, that city has sunk because of the people were arrogant and greedy.
Many people think that the mystery of a lost world that really existed if viewed from variety of ruins and pyramid at the bottom of Atlantic Ocean. There are also said that Atlantis city is just a supernatural town that inhabited by humans like us.

9. Bimini Road

bimini road

Many divers who certainly seen the path below the North Sea Island of Bimini in the Bahamas. There are speculating that the path was created by nature, but the arrangement of stone road raise fuurther questions is to “neat”.
Some ecperts suspect that the road is a part of the lost city of Atlantis (as written by Plato). But until now theres has been no additional evidence concerning the existence of that “lost city”. And the road of the Bimini is still the question “is the road pulery made by humans? who is the author?”

10. Bouvet Island Lifeboat

bouvet island lifeboat

Bouvet Island is known as an isolated island in the world. Let alone humans, plants are not there. Most likely people are not interested to come there. However, in 1964 there were irregularities right there. There is a lifeboat that is unattended, not far from the lifeboat were also found drums, wood, wooden tools, and a copper tank. And oddy enought lifeboat are oldit still looks nice.
In the boat was not found any company or marks that show where the lifeboat origin. And even more mysterious, after 2 years then concucted an expedition for the second time, the was disappeared somewhere. The goods were found is also disappeared. Until now, the appearance and disappearance of that lifeboat is unsolved

Mysteries of the World

Mysteries of the world above is took by some reliable sources. However, in this world especially in earth planet there will be a mysteries that unsolved because we did not in live at that time. If you think the article is so useful, then share to your friend so that they know about mysteries in this world. Thank you for visit it, so many interesting information that useful like this mysteries of the world.

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